Our puppies are born and raised in a family home, with best possible care and fed with a complete and balanced diet.

All puppies are microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed regularly and can go to new homes earliest at 8 weeks old.

The puppies are FCI registered and can be re-registered straightforward with all kennel associations that are not FCI but mutually recognize with FCI e.g. AKC or Kennel Club.

The price of the puppy depends on several factors and is individual, that is why we insist on establishing more than “how much?” contact with the perspective buyer. We will not reply on messages inquiring just about the puppy price.

We have shipped puppies all over the world. The transport costs add to the total. These costs depend on the destination, on the required documentation and so on, and we are happy to work through all that together with the client. Also, you are welcome to visit our kennel and get the puppy yourself.

Our primary goal is to have a happy owner of a healthy and beautiful puppy, and of course our puppy to have a happy and healthy life.

We are available to help the new owner with anything that he may need, whether it is a raising, health, training, grooming or feeding.

If you decide to show, compete or participate in different dog activities with our puppy, we are pleased with your success and we are here to help and support you.

To reserve a puppy, please contact us via the information provided on the contact page, we require a deposit for confirmation of the reservation.

Litter "L"


4 males + 4 females

Bubo Bohemia Cardinal
Drina Flor D'Luna

Litter "K"


3 males + 2 females

Respect od Dalajského potoka
Hoja Flor D'Luna

Litter "J"


6 males + 5 females

York-Simons von der kleinen Au
Drina Flor D'Luna

Litter "I"


5 males + 7 females

Black Jack of Cindy Land
Drina Flor D'Luna

Litter "H"


4 males + 6 females

Black Jack of Cindy Land
WW Hera Flor D'Luna Grand Calvera

Litter "G"


4 males + 3 females

WW Mr. Bean Grand Calvera
Drina Flor D' Luna

Litter "F"


1 male

Boy Flor D' Luna
Ava Flor D' Luna

Litter "E"


WW Mr. Bean Grand Calvera
WW Hera Flor D'Luna Grand Calvera

Litter "D"


8 females
Antares Flavago
WW Hera Flor D'Luna Grand Calvera

Litter "C"


4 males + 3 females

De Niro Shaman GC "Niro"
Int.Ch. Olimpia GC "Ija"

Litter "B"


7males + 3 females

De Niro Shaman GC "Niro"
WW Hera Flor D'Luna Grand Calvera

Litter "A"


3 males + 6 females

WW Deep Purple Grand Calvera "Dandy"
Int.Ch. Olimpia GC "Ija"

Litter "C" FDL-GC


7males + 1 female

Harry du Fayimi
WW Hera Flor D'Luna Grand Calvera

Litter "J" FDL-GC


3 males + 2 females

Int.Ch. Centurion Rubin ot Barbatsutsy
Int.Ch. Olimpia GC "Ija"